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Lesson Study Guides, Tools, and Resources


Lesson study is an ongoing practice used in schools throughout Japan in which teachers collaborate to plan, observe, and refine a lesson. Lesson Study involves 'backward design' which starts with the clarification of the lesson's learning goal and then focuses on the design of instructional experiences that lead to the goal.

Abridged Integrated Lesson Study & Curriculum Topic Study Tools (Orange Book)

This book can be used as an introduction for teachers new to Lesson Study, or for teachers with limited time to invest in Lesson Study during the academic year.

Integrated Curriculum Topic Study & Lesson Study Tools (Green Book)
This book provides opportunities for extended conversations about the learning and teaching of key topics in science.

Facilitator's Guide (Purple Book)
This guide is designed to be used with the orange book. It will help you facilitate a group going through the lesson study process.

North Cascades and Olympic Science Partnership Lesson Study Resources
NCOSP offers resources for Lesson Study Participants, including templates for recording work.